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Is Fracking Safe?

Ian R Crane is conducting a ten night tour of North Yorkshire with a completely fact based talk on the many elements of fracking and whether it is right for Ryedale. Ian worked in the oil industry for over 30 years and really knows his stuff. The talk goes some way to answering the most pertinent question I think – is fracking safe? This talk does not affiliate or side with any particular organisation or opinion, it simply presents the facts so that you can make your own mind up.



You will all know by now that Third Energy have submitted a planning application to drill for conventional gas at Ebberston Moor South in the North York Moors National Park.

What worries us most is their plan to re-inject over 10 million cubic litres of radioactive waste water back into the ground (that’s equivalent to 4,160 Olympic-sized swimming pools!)

Although this is not an application for fracking per se, the main concern is that the radioactive waste water could find its way into the local water supplies. The re-injection well would have to pass through the Corallian Limestone aquifer (a layer of water-bearing rock) that supplies drinking water to the surrounding area, as far afield as Scarborough.

Please go to the website to find out more, and then write objections to the three authorities involved in the decision. We’ve made it easy for you by preparing downloadable Word documents you can customise yourself.

Here’s the Planning Application Briefing and, if you wish, How to Object.


Frack Free Ryedale have started two local petitions to trigger debates on fracking in the Ryedale District Council and the North Yorkshire County Council.

Please go to our Council Petitions page and download the documents, then ask all your colleagues, friends and family to sign.

Note that people must live, work or study in Ryedale (or North Yorkshire) for their signatures to be valid.

Frack Free Ryedale


10 Responses to Is Fracking Safe?

  1. Sally Smith October 2, 2014 at 9:18 am #

    Ian R Crane is in the same league as David Icke, remember him? Frack Free is just another organisation which is power crazy and trying to brain wash us all, its a power game. If you go to any of their meetings be prepared to have a cosmic experience! Look on Ian R Cranes Linked in profile and he has never drilled a well for gas, oil or water, the only thing he has had drilled is his teeth!

  2. Sally Smith October 5, 2014 at 4:31 am #

    I quote : ‘This talk does not affiliate or side with any particular organisation or opinion, it simply presents the facts so that you can make your own mind up’ If that were true why would the same blog entry then go on to rant about the planning application that Third Energy has submitted to NYCC & NYMNP. Let’s be clear this application is NOTHING to do with Fracking and NOTHING to do with a bunch of green anarchists who DO NOT represent the residents of Ryedale. Most of the people who write articles on Frack Free Ryedale’s web site are not actually residents here. They try to imply that they are! They have a whole different agenda which actually has little to do with Fracking but about having power over us all. Yes, sounds mad but research deep into their organisation. You will be surprised and how disgraceful that they are trying to ruin the peaceful existence which we enjoy in Ryedale. Keep an open mind and don’t believe all you hear. By the way these people promote a VEGAN ethos…….that will certainly help the agricultural economy in Ryedale which they also claim to be trying to protect from the gas industry!!!

    • Jim Rivis November 14, 2014 at 3:27 pm #


      It is a great idea to question both sides of any argument, for sure. Unfortunately profit seeking ‘industry’ is very adept at selling their concepts to unsuspecting and compliant people who have busy lives to attend to and are therefore no match for these companies.

      Here’s where those ‘outsiders’ that you speak about, come into the picture. I am one, to some degree. I live in the USA , and have lived on this continent for 48 years. I shall , however, always consider myself, first and foremost, a Kirkbymoorside kid. I have a deep seated love for the Moors and Ryedale, coming as I do from a long, long established local milling family. My ancestors ran two mills in Helmsley , two in the Kirkbymoorside area and several towards the wolds. My surname, Rivis, derives from Rievaulx Abbey (1588 and before)

      I would suggest to you that it is not always the case that local ( i.e. resident) people have either the time, expertise or the inclination to be up to speed on issues. This can leave small communities at great risk, so people such as myself who not only have a personal interest is protecting the environment and have studied and been involved with various subjects and who see similar problems arising, can often warn others of the dangers facing their communities.

      In today’s world, the Internet allows us to mitigate some of those risks. Information is readily at hand and there really is no excuse for anyone to be uninformed. Which would you prefer, to be caught unawares when it is too late or to be forewarned and armed with the facts ?

      The fracking industry in the USA, unfortunately, got a big head start when the energy crunch reared it’s ugly head. Without going into too much detail this crunch not only stems from a burgeoning human population worldwide but also due to capitalist, predatory and self interested nations taking advantage of unsuspecting peoples, raiding their resources and controlling their governments with huge bribes. Now that those (especially in the Middle East and Africa) have awoken to that fact and are regaining control of their own resources, shortages have occurred.

      What ‘goes around, comes around’ and fracking is one of the resulting sins. No one can say that there are no consequences to this industry. Examples abound over here what with 1000s of mini earthquakes in Colorado to water taps in homes catching fire as gas has escaped to poisoned wells and toxic runoff of wastewater. On top of that water resources are being drained away.

      I have been involved with the Gladman 250 homes Kirkbymoorside proposal. At present it appears that a lack of preparation may have let this development blight my hometown. As busy as our lives are we need to take the time to stay on top of what is going on before the landscape and living environment is ruined in one or more ways.

      Ultimately it will be local residents who either gain or suffer from any venture. I would recommend that you use every resource open to you and not place too much trust in either government or industry, both of which have their own agendas which may not coincide with yours.

  3. Chris Redston October 6, 2014 at 8:10 pm #

    Just responding to Sally’s comments, Ian Crane spent over 20 years working in the oil and gas business for multinational company Schlumberger, so he does indeed have a lot of experience in the industry. He is an authority on fracking and has given over 160 talks on this subject over the last 2 years all over the country. The talks are entirely fact-based, drawing on the experiences of fracking in other countries, government reports, personal experiences of farmers who are dealing with the consequences of this dangerous and polluting industry.

    As for Frack Free Ryedale, we are an organisation of concerned local people who do not want Ryedale to be the site of fracking wells. We are from all walks of life and all political persuasions, and for most of us, it’s the first campaign of this nature we have every been involved in. What unites us is a desire to stop fracking happening in this beautiful part of the UK where we life. We are particularly worried about the effect fracking could have on farmers and landowners, our drinking water, livestock, crops, local wildlife, land and property prices, the tourist industry and our general health and well-being.

    As for brainwashing, far from it. As you’ll see from our website, every article in our news section is based on information published elsewhere in the media and peer-reviewed reports from industry and health professionals.

    Why not come along to one of Ian’s talks with an open mind and hear what he has to say? I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? You might get carried off by lizards? Or perhaps you’ll learn something new!

    • Pylon 11 October 8, 2014 at 11:45 am #

      “Ian Crane spent over 20 years working in the oil and gas business for multinational company Schlumberger, so he does indeed have a lot of experience in the industry. He is an authority on fracking”

      Err, correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t Ian Crane an HR manager at Schlumberger? How does that make him an expert on fracking? And how do his views on aliens taking over the planet add credibility to his claims? Or is he just desperately trying to flog more of his DVDs?

      • Sally Smith October 9, 2014 at 3:17 pm #

        Well said Pylon 11. No doubt there is a captive audience camped somewhere on a road side in the UK wishing to buy Mr Cranes DVD’s.
        Frack Free Ryedale ‘ a group of concerned local residents’
        Chris Redston is not a resident in Ryedale nor is his wife Adela Pickles. Both write as if they represent the residents of Ryedale, very often placing letters in the local newspaper. They certainly DO NOT speak for me, I have a mind of my own and abhor outsiders trying to stir up trouble and claiming to speak on my behalf and I wont be the only one. Many more people in Ryedale will also be like me and have a mind of their own and wish to speak for themselves be it pro or against Fraccing. If and when the gas companies decide to Frac for gas let us hear what they have to say and the truth about what will happen not this hysterical view spewed out by FFR.
        Note to Mr Redston: You do not deny your Vegan ethos. Explain to the agricultural industry how the Vegans in your group intend to protect the farming industry????? Also do you think lots of people camped around the countryside waving banners and wittering on about Fraccing will enhance tourism or do you think it in itself will destroy tourism?
        P.S Frac is the correct spelling not Frack

  4. Joanna Oliver MBE October 7, 2014 at 1:47 pm #

    Ummm….. I’m not sure Mr Crane is that unbiased. If you look at his web site there’s a big box asking form donations to “Please donate to our FRACKing Awareness Campaign and help prevent this abomination being unleashed in the UK”.

    Think I’ll go elsewhere to form my opinions on fracking. Shame as I had hoped this would be a fair and open meeting to get a real idea of how good an idea, or not fracking is.

  5. Robina2 October 9, 2014 at 10:47 pm #

    People do not have to attend the Ian Crane talks nor do they have to support Frack Free Ryedale, everyone is entitled to an opinion. But may I suggest that instead of writing nasty comments and complaining about what others are doing, if they feel so strongly about things they should go do something about it themselves. It is very easy to sit and throw stones from your armchair!

    • P.Birchall October 18, 2014 at 10:06 am #

      I hope that a condition of the granting of a fracking licence will be that a sum of money be held as a deposit to cover the cost of restoring drilling sites and repairing damage, thus preventing small drilling companies walking away from their responsibilities.

  6. Jim Rivis November 14, 2014 at 2:52 pm #

    Wishful thinking, sadly. The visible and immediately detectable signs left by fracking are less obvious with the great exception of massive amounts of wastewater which threatens surface water. This water also has to come from somewhere and, in these days of increasing demand on that resource, it can only result in depletion.

    The ‘fallout’ from fracking unfortunately will lie buried thousands of feet underground as all those residual toxic chemicals begin to percolate into the water table, often taking decades or longer. I liken it to those ocean oil drilling sites which can blow at anytime, as was demonstrated in the Gulf of Mexico in the BP debacle.

    What we see occurring, as has been forever the case as far as human expansionism continues it’s ugly destruction of the planet, is that industry of all kinds can ruin the environment and then move on, leaving a toxic footprint for the rest of us to deal with. As you suggest, a slush fund is a great idea as long as the size of it does not release polluters from responsibility once the fund is used up.

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