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The Tempest, live from Stratford to Helmsley

Live relays of plays from London and elsewhere come thick and fast now, so are no longer news, and we don’t blog them as often as we did in the early days of this new theatrical venture. However, occasionally one comes along that deserves highlighting (in our opinion!). Into this category falls the Royal Shakespeare Company’s current production of “The Tempest” at Stratford, which we were lucky enough to see live.

The RSC blurb says:

Don’t miss Simon Russell Beale in ‘the most profoundly moving performance of his career‘ (Independent) as Prospero in Gregory Doran’s production of Shakespeare’s magical play.

In a unique partnership with Intel, we are using today’s most advanced digital technology to create a truly unforgettable theatrical experience. This ground-breaking production is generating queues outside our box office, as people try to get hold of the last few tickets. But don’t worry, you still have a chance to catch it.

The Tempest will be broadcast live to cinemas from the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon on January 11. All the excitement of the theatre from your cinema seat!”

Photo courtesy of the RSC

My only slight concern is that there is so much going on in this highly visual production on the RSC’s enormous stage that the cameras won’t be able to catch it all. But that was a problem in the theatre too. “Wasn’t it clever, that thing they did with the table?” said the husband, to which I was forced to reply that I had missed it entirely while staring at the images on a large screen on another part of the stage. Perhaps I’d better see it again!

Participating theatres include Helmsley Arts Centre and you can book tickets on their website.


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