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The Cleveland Hills

The Cleveland Hills include the distinctive landmark cone-shaped peak of Roseberry Topping and are dissected by the Cleveland Way. Bilsdale is one of the lesser known areas of the National Park, although walkers come to enjoy the views from Urra Moor or to walk in the wooded areas around Hawnby.

Roseberry Topping, Cleveland Hills

The highest point in the North York Moors is Round Hill on Urra Moor (454 m above sea level). Urra Moor is noted for its prehistoric remains: barrows, several carved rocks including some cup and ring carvings and the Face Stone. Nearby is the small village of Chop Gate, where walkers can enjoy local venison at the Buck Inn.

The remarkably well preserved 16th century, thatched cruck-framed Spout House was once an inn and the centre of Bilsdale life. It closed its doors for the last time in 1914 when the new Sun Inn was built. Spout House is now open as a small visitor centre during the summer months.

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